Rooms & Rates

Buttermilk Kiss

An enchanting 44 square meters with a spacious balcony on the first floor and wonderful views of the Mediterranean garden and the sea. The living room and bedroom are separated by a masonry Cyclades arch. There is beige patité flooring in the entire apartment and bathroom. A kitchenette for your convenience and 2 built-in masonry sofas for relaxing in the living room are provided. Buttermilk Kiss is in light cream tones with a trace of Asia and the Orient, which guarantee the lightness of being for delightful holidays.


A wonderfully traditional ethnic look in 36 square meters with a terrace in the hotel garden. The living room and bedroom are in beige patité, the corner sitting area with leather butterfly chairs on an old bottle green and saffron-coloured Berber rug, a globetrotter chest of drawers and a small kitchenette. The bathroom is also in beige patité, the open shower is built-in masonry. The terrace is on the ground floor, directly under the palm trees and a shady carob tree.


Bohemian style in shades of grey with silver accessories in 34 square meters with a spectacular view of the sea from the balcony on the first floor. Nostalgic tiles, grey patité in the bathroom and a washbasin on a natural wood base in the living area lend it a very romantic note. The built-in masonry sofa with abundant cushions, the dreamy cast iron bed and two peacock rattan chairs for a romantic breakfast in your room are enchanting. A spacious balcony provides a 180-degree sea view guaranteed from sunrise to sunset.


A Mediterranean feeling in delicate grey patité and a lot of sisal in generous 55 square meters. From the leather butterfly chairs you have a delightful view across the lavender bed to the garden and beyond to the sparkling sea. The separate terrace is 15 square meters and also offers the perfect retreat with a marvellous view. The living room with a kitchenette and the bedroom are separated by some steps and a masonry Cyclades arch. The bathroom is completely equipped with grey patité, a masonry shower and an elegant stone washbasin.

Carpe Diem

An elegant blend of grey patité, white accessories and a trace of the Orient. The generous living room and separate bedroom of 50 square meters in total are divided by a round wall opening, which makes it possible to enjoy the view from the bedroom through the living room, across the terrace and garden to the sea. In the living room, you will find a kitchenette and 2 built-in masonry sofas. The bathroom is also completely equipped with grey patité, a masonry shower and an elegant washbasin. The private terrace leads directly to the white gravel garden of the hotel and provides an unobstructed view of the sea.

Both of the Cyclades cottages of Villa Zoé were completely renovated with great care, equipped with the latest technology, electrical installations and sanitary facilities and opened in September 2016. All of our 5 rooms have modern, masonry bathrooms in Greek patité, open closets, high quality air conditioning and a wireless network.

The furnishings are very individually, authentically ethnic with accessories from all over the world. We hope that you can sit back and take a break from everyday life during your stay. That’s why we do without television sets in the rooms. If, however, you would like a TV, just let us know when you book.


First of all, there are no bad seasons where we are. Because the weather on Crete is, as a rule, wonderfully mild and sunny with clear blue skies from mid-May to mid-October. The glorious peace and deserted beaches in May and October are just as appealing as the flowering early summer in June and the relaxing September still with delightfully mild temperatures. And ultimately August is and remains the most attractive month for traveling with mild, starry nights, cicada concerts and perfect temperatures for swimming, even if that means more action, hustle and bustle.


But also at Easter and in the Advent weeks leading up to Christmas, you can have a wonderful time on the island outside of the traditional travel months. The daytime temperatures are usually over 20 degrees, coupled with clear air and blue skies. There is little rain on the island before January and when it does rain, it usually passes quickly. We are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning units, which can also generate heat in the winter months. Furthermore, we also have one or two heaters in all of the rooms depending on the size, which additionally ensure pleasant temperatures with electricity.